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Saddle Up! Tracie Peterson’s New Release “Along the Rio Grande”

Have you read one of Tracie Peterson’s books?

Who hasn’t read one of Tracie Peterson’s books?

That is, if you like historical fiction steeped in faith.

The first in her “Love on the Santa Fe” series, once again Peterson weaves a new story into history with rich detail. Take a look:

Is her compassion doing more harm than good? Recently widowed Susanna Jenkins has decided to follow her family to the booming town of San Marcial, New Mexico, for a fresh start and to aid in her family’s sudden change in fortune. They are tasked with managing her uncle’s new Grand Hotel, and it takes all her patience to try to help her parents see the good of their circumstances and relinquish their sense of entitlement. She’s hopeful when her brother becomes determined to get a job and make his own way, and she feels drawn to his kind boss, Owen Turner, who works as a boilermaker for the Santa Fe’s train shops in town. But the hard work only seems to fuel her brother’s anger, and his rough new friends give her pause. When misguided choices put Susanna’s family in an even more precarious situation, she worries her help has only made things worse. Leaving her family to fend for themselves seems like the best option, but how can she walk away from the true friendships–and love–that she’s found?

About the Author

Tracie Peterson ( is the award-winning author of over 100 novels, both historical and contemporary. Her avid research resonates in her many bestselling series. Tracie and her family make their home in Montana. Visit to learn more.

To learn more or to purchase the book, click here.

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