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Writing Journey

Hello! I'm A. R. Conti Fulwell - a writer, dreamer, musician, and human encyclopedia. Stories are what make this life interesting. Think about it - two people can hardly know each other and have very little in common, but can relate over the telling of a story. 

That's the power of story-telling. Simple words have power to transcend generation gaps, prejudices, impressions, and schemata, making it a common as breathing worldwide.

I started writing when I was sixteen. It was a story born out of a dream that has never seen the eyes of an editor or publisher, but because of the encouragement of friends and family, I kept writing and was offered my first publishing contract in February of 2015 with Clean Reads Publishing. Since then, I've published two other books and and working on a number of projects. 

I am most fascinated by the World War I Era. I can't really explain it, but the dress, the manners, and the dawn of new possibilities for men, women, and modern conveniences seems romantic to me. I see the same manners and way of living in the early Renaissance Era as well. I simply can't get enough of these two periods. I've often been told I have an old soul, but I think I just have an eye and heart for the classics.

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