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Like a fish out of water ...


Serafina Rinaldi wants nothing more than be free. Free from boarding school, free from English society, and free from her haunting past. When her father calls in a favor from an English friend, Sir Matthew Renault, asking him to take his daughter back to Cainesworth Abbey, Sir Matthew's esteemed family estate, Serafina is ready to give in and forget she ever wanted anything more.


As Serafina settles in, she finds that not everyone at Cainesworth is against her. Making friends with Sir Matthew's cousin Lady Eliza Carthidge gives Serafina just the ally that she will need as her past begins to collide with the family at Cainesworth. Joshua Stone, a man from Serafina's past, comes to Cainesworth looking for solace after the unfortunate death of his brother on the Titanic. Together, the four uncover a mystery, and a common scoundrel, connecting their worlds, testing their faith, and delivering them to the threshold of a destiny that they have all been seeking.

When the Italian Came to Stay (Hardback Edition) - Signed!

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