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#InspirationMonday: Looking to the Past to Influence the Future

Let me begin by saying everyone gets inspiration. Everyone gets inspired. Whether you design production machinery for a living, or you flip burgers – your occupation doesn’t have to define you. We are all artists in some way shape or form. I will say, however that I would love to hear your inspiration stories.

For now, I’ll tell you one of mine.

Many of you may have seen my posts on Twitter about starting a new book. After recently taking a course on adolescent lit, I decided it was time to go back to my roots. I first started writing in this genre back in 2005, working on a novel that I may never be able to let go of to publish. The adolescent period is an intricate look at the human condition as it lays the foundation for who each of us will become.

Here’s where the inspiration comes in.

I recently stumbled upon, literally stumbling to put it in my DVD player, a gem of a film put out by then Columbia Pictures in April of 1959 called Gidget. Now if you’re eager to experience it for yourself, beware that it is 1959 and things were different then. It is the story of a teenage girl who doesn’t fit in, but finds her own way by doing her own thing. Following the genre of 1950s surfing movies, while Gidget is trying to find love, she proves over and over again that she is just as skilled as the boys. In the very beginning of the film, the snarky surfer called Stinky can’t seem to open a can of polish, and in the next second it takes Gidget a flick of the wrist. This sort of coming of age and empowerment are two things that sparked my new book.

Now, if you saw the posts your probably wondering where the supernatural aspect comes in. I’ve always been fascinated by comic book heroes, and wanted to see what could come from combining the awkward teenage years with the special abilities that come with comic book heroes – if you have a special ability, would you tell anyone? Could you tell anyone?

More details to come, but I can say, it is unlike anything I’ve written before. I hope to share a chapter with you soon.

Listen for the whispers,

– A. R. Conti Fulwell ><>

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